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Welcome to the LGM Family!

“There is no magical ”ad”, ”website”, “landing page” that exists. The best results come from a long term commitment and proper planning before jumping in.”
-Liliana Grace

What is an Agency and why do I need one?

An agency is a luxury that most businesses want to afford. An agency will review everything that has to do with your brand, your marketing and your advertising as well as make suggestions and help shape the overall brand of your organization in the marketplace. An agency brings comprehensive plans and solutions for your consideration. Answering questions as they arise and as needed. Someone who is reviewing all of your marketing efforts and constantly working to improve them for maximum efficiency.

Liliana Grace is a founding board member of a highly successful women’s clinic and understands the needs of the donors, board and the client. We realize this is a delicate balance and are here to help you through that. Engaging with Liliana Grace Media as your agency provides you more than one person for marketing support! You get a team of people that will be looking at and thinking about your brand, your business and how to increase awareness and clients. You also get to go back to doing what you do best! We’ve got your marketing, branding and advertising covered! You will need a point person and likely a community engagement person(s) for some of the strategies we suggest, but beyond that we are comprehensive in our management of your marketing efforts. As your Agency, we will filter and review marketing opportunities that come your way. We will only bring to you those opportunities we believe will help you reach your goal. Yes! No more dealing with marketers and salespeople! Practice these words, “You can call Liliana, she handles all of our marketing.” You’re gonna love saying that! LGM is an extension of your team. We have eyes and ears on your websites and social media accounts at all times. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. We find it an honor and privilege to work on your behalf. Thank you for that!
LGM is an extension of your team. We have eyes and ears on your website, digital ads and social media accounts at all times.

• Persona development (2)
• Brand guide support and strategy
• Marketing budget management, allocation and implementation
• Direct point of contact for all marketing conversations and sales pitch presentations
• Provide oversight to the direction and implementation of all advertising and website needs
• Review all invoices and provide and review with your monthly reports
• 1 hour monthly meeting with Liliana Grace or one of the LGM team members (in person or phone)
• Calls, Emails, and Texting as needed
• Light business consulting, idea generation and brainstorming

So what are we doing when you’re not looking? We try to make it look effortless, but as you know, that requires a ridiculous amount of effort. Marketing is an on-going process. Digital is a living process that requires daily attention. Your business never sleeps and really, we don’t sleep much either.

Strategy doesn’t stop at the initial meeting, it’s something that is heavily monitored and tweaked as needed. The specific strategy designed for you is based on; trends, industry specific information, your goals, who/where your ideal client is, and the knowledge and experience that LGM brings to the table. We also spend a ridiculous amount of time analyzing and reviewing everything. Yep. Everything! The more insight you can provide, the better we can help.

The team will be continuously learning about your industry and the current trends and changes in trends that are happening. We will look to you to provide us ideas, concepts and websites that you want us to learn from or get familiar with. In addition to your business, the LGM team will continue to learn more about your Persona as if we know them personally and have spent time with them in their world. Showing up where they are is the “name of the game”.

Once a month your organization and LGM will get together in person or via phone for monthly report review. In these sessions we discuss what we see is happening, how things are working and discuss any adjustments we have or will make and/or recommendations that we feel would be beneficial.
Weekly and Daily. We like you! We gotta communicate! Text or call as needed. Text will always be the fastest way to connect with Liliana. For all email communication we recommend you copy KC. We want to stay connected. More than Liliana, the entire teams available via phone call, text, and email. You can expect an answer within 24 business hours. Shhhh don’t tell anyone, but likely we will even respond on the weekend or outside of business hours. Liliana just can’t help herself.

What goes into starting, implementing and managing a campaign?


• Design
• Rate negotiations
• Research


• Monitor live action
• Review/Analyze
• Compare
• Adjust
• Suggest

Provide & Discuss Reports

• What worked
• What didn’t
• How can we improve
• What do the numbers mean?
• Who/When/Where/What was happening throughout the campaign period?

Strategy and management is what we handle. Each campaign will have different costs associated with them. Much of this is outside of our control. The areas that we can control, we do.
We can and will provide 99.9% of all the digital services you can imagine. Isn’t that awesome! However, we are always learning! If we come across digital products or services that we don’t offer but make sense, we would LOVE to implement them for you! Yep! We have zero ego about refreshing our services department. Our number one commitment is to get the right services in place to grow your business. Wherever we can source them! Because our digital services are so broad, we do require you to use our services and solutions as a part of this agency engagement.

When you say “oversight to your website” what does that mean?
If your site goes down, is flagged, hacked, etc. we will know about it and begin taking the steps needed to ensure it’s back up and running as quickly as possible. Down time = losing potential clients. That is not acceptable and why we require that your hosting and maintenance of your website is with LGM. There is a general cost with this service and updates to your site are billed out by the hour. We discuss all of those costs in a contract that you will have the opportunity to review and sign.

Negotiating and making sure you are getting the best deal for your money. Creating and analyzing budgets, making sure they are allocated correctly and efficiently. We also Review all invoices and match order, making sure that every dollar being spent on your campaigns is correct.

Let’s talk money. The basic agency of record retainer fee is $3500 and includes up to 30 hours of time each month. Not all of these hours will be in person. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Payment is expected by the 10th of each month for the month we are going into. So July payment would be expected no later than July 10th for the month of July. We hate to do it, but we gotta charge a late fee for late payments.
Invoices will be sent via email and payments should be remitted to the address on the invoice.

Days 1-30: Learning About You

• Persona Review – culture, life, your client, your city
• Website Review
• Landing Page Review and Suggested Edits
• Research competitors and your market
• 2 Digital Ad sets created
• Location and placement research based on persona and city

Month 2-12: Campaign Ad Launches

• Adjusting & verifying budgets
• Adjusting ads and audiences for maximum effectiveness
• Monitoring to ensure no lapses in ads
• Monitoring to ensure nothing is flagged, blocked, or somehow broken

Ongoing Monthly: Campaign Management

• Campaign review
• Social Media Suggestions
• Available for calls as needed
• Monthly report review

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