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Everyone and every business has a story. What differentiates you in the marketplace and causes people to be attracted to or distracted from your brand has everything to do with your story. At Liliana Grace Media, we understand this better than anyone else. Of course, we all have ideas about what the hottest and best marketing strategies are. There are a multitude of options when going to the media mall to promote your story. There are the traditional options of TV, Radio, Print, and the newer digital options of email, search, digital ads and social media. There are all kinds of data and statistics that will tell you what works the best and what you “should” be doing. We don’t care. Shocking right? It shouldn’t be. We don’t care what the “hottest” products or marketing outlets are. Why? We care about what works for you and the truth is this: all media works if you know how to use it. All media can get the word out if that medium is used properly and efficiently. So how do we decide what to do with your business or your brand? How do we determine the strategies and solutions if we aren’t chasing the trends? Simple. What sets us apart is that we learn about you. We learn your story. Sometimes for some clients, we help you find your story or that missing niche that your business can uniquely fill to make you ridiculously profitable. So what happens when we are done listening? We create strategies and provide solutions that get you recognized. Your story turned into a perfectly designed, uniquely created strategy. We then implement the strategy and take your story social. Let’s be honest, everyone loves to read and follow a good story. Let’s make sure the marketplace is following and reading yours.

You’ve got a story to tell. We can help you tell it better than anyone else.


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LGM offers full service Business Review, Support & Marketing Strategies for traditional business as well as Artists, Speakers and Authors. If your goal is to grow your business and bottom line results, then we are your team!

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“To those considering working with Liliana Grace Media. We were introduced to Liliana Grace at exactly the right time in our business. We knew we needed a better system and frankly, we did not know what we did not know. We did know we needed help. That help came in the form of Liliana Grace. Unfortunately, finding those who will do what they say they will do is very rare especially when dealing with outside vendors. Liliana Grace is that rare consultant who will dig in deep with your team, go on the calls when needed and even make and take a few calls when the job requires it. Liliana Grace and her team were invaluable to our organization during the 2 years we worked together, and you will probably find your experience to be the same. We were, and I continue to be, grateful for the opportunity to have walked the digital road with Liliana Grace Media.”

Kevin Anderson, General Manager Salem Media Group Nashville, TN