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21 Apr
Marketing: More than a band aid; a strategy

For better, or worse, our world has become instamatic. The need for the quick fix, “results now, or else,” frame of mind can sneak up on the best of us. Instant gratification is human nature. I get it, when it comes to bottom-line marketing metrics, goals need to be pushed and met. Yet, we have...

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26 Aug
More on Google in a Post Roe World

“It (our marketing) just isn’t working like it used to!” In our current day, far too often, this is the opening statement to the increase of calls I am getting. Center and clinics alike, concerned over the censorship and wanting to know why what used to work, no longer works. Every social outlet and news...

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10 Sep
Persona Image
The Persona

One of the most critical needs of every business BEFORE they start a marketing plan is a well defined persona.  Without it you are guessing in the dark.  Your potential clients becomes anyone and everyone.  You grasp for whatever person will buy your product or service.  Never being truly satisfied with the business you dreamed...

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18 Feb
Is There a Dial Tone?

“We went from picking up the phone and making sure there was a dial tone, to hiring more people to keep up with the business.” – LGM Client True story. This was an incredibly fun business to work with. They had been around for many years, even considered a staple in the community. They participated...

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22 Jan
Define “Big”

I have had the privilege to be mentored by some of the best people at the top of their game. Brian Klemmer was one of those mentors. Beyond my media experience I also had the opportunity to be a founder for a leadership development company. Brian mentored us through this very successful venture. One day...

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12 Dec
Love Me Then Leave Me

LGM will grow your business. Then we might part ways. I know, what a great way to start a blog right? Kinda like your gonna love me then leave me. Here’s the truth at LGM: We are addicted to growth. Period. Completely. Addicted. Growth means different things to different people. Continuous, strategic, sustained growth is...

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22 Nov
Untraditional Results

I get questioned often, “Liliana, how can you call yourself a full-service agency when you have such a small staff and some partners? Isn’t that untraditional?” That would be correct. Our business model is untraditional, but so are our results. Our model works. Really well. Just ask my clients, they will happily tell you. So...

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01 Oct
Drying Paint

Just because you watch the paint dry doesn’t mean it will dry any faster. The same is true with marketing. It’s a process, and it can’t be rushed, trying to do so will only ruin your final project. Ever been a part of painting a room in a house? Fascinating isn’t it? That one room...

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15 Sep
Your Custom Home

If you have spent any time looking for a Media and Marketing agency you know what to expect. You have been taken to the pretty offices, you have been schmoozed at the nice lunches, you have heard about their expensive accounts. The typical agency tells you they have a web guy, a designer, a social...

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13 Aug
The Magic Bullet

If marketing was a magic bullet, I would sell it. I would be rich beyond rich. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet. There is, however, a recipe that, when followed time after time, will produce results. I know this from growing up in Iowa. No, I did not grow up on a farm, but my...

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