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Meet Jane. She is your next best customer; however she has never heard of you or met you. While on social media tonight she asks her friends for referrals on a specific service and you are one of the many companies she learns about. Jane starts researching each company her friends suggested. Jane is busy and trusts the recommendation of her friends, however she needs a little more info to make her final decision. She goes to each companies’ social media page and then their website. She is pretty sure about her purchase, but not ready to buy yet. She wants to “think about it” a little more. As she continues through her deliberation, she starts to see your advertisements showing up when she checks her weather app, scrolls through her social media, and every time she opens a web browser. Your digital ad placement and social presence confirm her assumptions that you are likely the company she wants to work with. Eventually she clicks and comes back to you again, ready to make her purchase this time.

Bottom line is this, our “Jane” decides to work with the company that she feels is reputable, recommended, understands her, is relevant to her, and most of all, made it easy for her to decide.

Jane represents most consumers today. Jane didn’t know how all this marketing happened, but what she does know is your company was visible while she was making her buying decision. She felt that you were relevant to her life, seemed to understand what she needs and made being found easy. With nothing else to consider, she made her purchase. If done really well, then it goes beyond a purchase. Companies that maximize their social media and online presence will increase engagement to the point that Jane will do more than purchase. Jane will most likely tell all of her friends on social media about you, encourage them to like your page and she may even start sharing your posts.

71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals according to Pew Research.

To be successful with social media you have to be consistent with compelling, interesting conversations that entice consumers to engage with you. The hardest thing to do when running a business is to be consistent. This is where we can help! We make sure to blog for you, provide content for you, respond to comments, update the themes and pictures on your page and more!  The best part of all, everyone thinks you are the one doing it.

We make social media easy, fun and profitable!

To start meeting Jane and all of her friends, give us a call today!

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