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More on Google in a Post Roe World

Posted by: Jacob Thompson
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“It (our marketing) just isn’t working like it used to!”

In our current day, far too often, this is the opening statement to the increase of calls I am getting. Center and clinics alike, concerned over the censorship and wanting to know why what used to work, no longer works.

Every social outlet and news media is shouting from the rooftops about the massive censorship happening to “fake” pregnancy clinics like never before. Some states clinics have come under scrutiny with legal ramifications about their marketing messages.

Censorship is a topic I’ve discussed for years and much like Noah in the flood, everyone looked at me as if I was making things up. The last few years, as clinics have become more educated and empowered around their marketing, and big tech censorship has been brough to the new outlets, the dark reality is showing its hand.

To add to the good news, just as I suspected, and have been warning clinics to be prepared for since last fall – it is coming true…. the Abortion Pill is now, just as predicted, being positioned as a contraceptive.

So, what’s next in my list of seemingly outlandish projections for next year, or sooner? Simple. There will likely be a day when censorship reaches a level where Google Ad Words will not be an option. Period.  That means if your entire strategy is buying Google Ad Words, you will be out of luck.

So, what do we do?

Would you agree, that like most pregnancy centers around the country, your advertising and marketing dollars are conservative? You have to get a return?! Period!

Do you find yourself, like so many others to date, primarily Google dependent?

Have you considered the larger game?

The abortion industry and Big Pharma (i.e., the abortion pill) are literally spending 400x what you are spending,

If Google is your only plan, I am more convinced than ever you can expect to watch costs soar and results plumet. And as already stated, you may wake up one day in the very near future to find that the Google Ad Words are not an option for you at all. At the time of writing this, I read an article today suggesting just that. So, I am not the only “Noah” in the crowd.

So, let’ start with a question.

Why wait for censorship to reach the level you no longer have your primary lead source as an option?

More than that, let’s play make believe and pretend that it is a long-term option for you. Let’s talk about why diversification of your marketing dollars outside of Ad Words is important.

Here are just a restrictions you will face when utilizing Google Ad Words

  1. No ability to control pricing
  2. Censorship
  3. Zero branding
  4. Higher cost to convert your leads (without other marketing and a comprehensive digital campaign)

No ability to control pricing

Google Ad words are more expensive than ever before. This is being driven by competitors and special interest groups with deep pockets who are willing to spend millions to drive the prices up to unreasonable levels. If you are already using Google Ad Words with your marketing company, have them share the deeper analysis and you will see you are not getting the same value for your money you were even a year ago. This is only going to get worse.


There are groups pushing Google to completely block pregnancy centers all together from coming up in google searches. Set up a Google Alert on these topics and you will quickly see what the landscape is looking like. Consider the move Yelp just made.

Zero Branding

While Google Ads draw people in and even result in clicks, it doesn’t build brand identity or recognition. Across the country abortion clinics have a very generic brand identity. Most pregnancy centers have zero branding in their community, and negative press at best. When your only draw to women is through Google Ads, can they know YOU? Do they see what YOU truly offer?

Higher cost to convert leads

It is all in the data. Once you dig into the data, you will see that you are spending more and more to get the click through rate you once had if you are not combining it with a full digital campaign. The stronger your brand, the more diversified your marketing strategy, you will see your costs come back in line for cost per lead. It is important to give full credit to how your comprehensive plan, or lack thereof, is impacting overall success rates. 

The Success of a Comprehensive Plan

As a former founder of a 2-location medical clinic, a board member, and an advisor for 10 years, I put these principles into practice.  We would consistently see double digit growth year over year. Having a comprehensive digital marketing plan is the most cost effective, prudent, conservative, option for a pregnancy center where every dollar counts. Adding in omni channel programmatic digital strategy, that utilizes a platform larger than Google’s platform, will support the growth of your digital footprint, build your brand, and create multiple touch points.

The goal for pregnancy centers is to be a recognized resource in the community and a household name. Young women already know about the largest abortion network in this country.  She has been programmed by the media to believe you are a fake clinic and the large abortion clinics are the ONLY place to get affordable women’s healthcare. This message is so loudly broadcast that she doesn’t even know about the 14,000 Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers across the country offering women’s healthcare services at far less costs, let alone the 3,000+ pregnancy centers with services most often for free.

Together, we can, and need to, change what women are being told. Together, we need to be sure every woman knows what OTHER safe options are available to them. We need to reach women in all the channels the opposing voice speaks to her, not just one. It takes someone seven times to hear something before they remember it!

Know your client.

Control your brand.

Diversify your advertising.

Expand your digital footprint.

Remember, Google and slick agencies will take your money, but they aren’t your friend, and the impact they provide is just a shot of adrenaline. Google is not loyal; they will go to the highest bidder. You are not just a bidder, you are a clinic that deserves to be seen, known, and heard.

Like you tell your clients – be informed! Look at all the data. Invest broadly and wisely. In today’s world of increasing censorship, ensure you have a variety of options in your marketing basket.


To your continued success!