Define "Big"

Define “Big”

Posted by: Liliana Grace
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I have had the privilege to be mentored by some of the best people at the top of their game. Brian Klemmer was one of those mentors. Beyond my media experience I also had the opportunity to be a founder for a leadership development company. Brian mentored us through this very successful venture. One day he said to me, “Liliana, wars are fought over the definition of words.”

This is why text and email can be so misunderstood. A single word, such as education, has a million meanings. It can refer to life lessons, public school, private school, or the school of hard knocks. So, when someone sends a message and says, “You need an education.” Which definition to you use? Budget is one of those words that need to be defined in the world of marketing.

I have a big budget. I have a small budget. Not much budget, a simple budget, or a huge budget. The reality is with every client I work with I require them to define the word they use to describe their budget. Why? Because, for some of my clients $1 Million is a small budget. For others, five hundred is nearly breaking the bank. The old school of thought was for business owners to not tell their media person how much their budget was because they are just going to spend that amount.

While I can’t disagree with that school of thought, the reality is at LGM we may or may not need all that you have budgeted for your marketing. LGM has absolutely worked with businesses where the Marketing and Media budget was too large. Surprised? It’s true. We have literally advised clients that we didn’t need that much money to be efficient and hit their goals. Why? Because I understood their goals and knew what it would take to hit their goals. The results? This client went from being stagnant to being triple booked out within ninety days and it hasn’t slowed down years later. All for less money. In ninety days, they found they had tripled in bookings. They even had a waiting list and were scheduling appointments out 30 days or more. LGM didn’t stop there. We focused bringing their marketing dollars to their highest ROI services. We had created the demand and knew the general clients would keep coming as a result. Now we could afford to reallocate the marketing dollars into the focused services. And the rest is history.

No matter what the size of your budget is, or how you define it, LGM can create marketing solutions that work for you.