Is There a Dial Tone?

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Is There a Dial Tone?

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“We went from picking up the phone and making sure there was a dial tone, to hiring more people to keep up with the business.” – LGM Client

True story. This was an incredibly fun business to work with. They had been around for many years, even considered a staple in the community. They participated in many charity events, did good work, and their location was on one of the highest traffic roads in their city. Yet, they would go into a slump over the summer and from time to time consider laying people off. As a joke they would pick up the phone to see if they really were in business and had a dial tone to assure them that they were.

We sat with them and developed a strategy that would help create awareness of the unique services they provided, and solutions others didn’t. In the past they had experimented with TV and video advertising, but never radio. In careful consideration of their budget, we determined we could get the most reach and frequency with radio. Yes, frequency is as important as reach. After seeing success with radio, we grew into TV, digital, and many other marketing solutions.

This client has turned a major corner, completed a store remodel, and has been able to differentiate portions of their business. The moral of this story? A little bit spent the right way does work. Telling the right story to the right people over and over again does work. It doesn’t matter your budget. If you are a good business and willing to commit to the process of marketing, you won’t have to pick up your phone and wonder if you have a dial tone. So, ya better get good at answering the phone.