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Love Me Then Leave Me

Posted by: Liliana Grace
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LGM will grow your business. Then we might part ways.

I know, what a great way to start a blog right? Kinda like your gonna love me then leave me. Here’s the truth at LGM: We are addicted to growth. Period. Completely. Addicted.

Growth means different things to different people. Continuous, strategic, sustained growth is our goal. This means we will grow you as far as you want to go, as far as your budget will allow and then help you stabilize and put people in place in your organization to maintain it. For some clients, our job is to work ourselves out of a job.

The reality is every business says they want to grow, but growth means different things to different people. For some, growth means more sales, but fewer customers. For some it means finding the right customers and increasing the ticket of each client. For others, growth looks like more customers or expanding into multiple locations. Growth to you could be higher profit margins, but the same number of sales and clients. Whatever it means to you we will help you find a solution that meets your “growth goals.” Together we will create your short term and long-term goals. We will create a path, set the right budget, execute the plan and then we will get there. No Excuses. Period.

But what about the love me and leave me, part of this blog? We are okay with that. We love to work ourselves out of a job. We enjoy each business and the uniqueness of it. For certain businesses that are content for hitting key markers, we will then set up structures so they can go it on their own. Not many do, but we do provide this service.

I am addicted to growth and creativity. I don’t think there is ever an ending point. To me, each finish line is a new beginning. The clients who work with me to maintain their existing growth have never left. In some situations, we have even helped hire an internal marketing person, then trained them to maintain the market position the business had attained with LGM and yes, they still call us from time to time for a tune up.

When we work together your business will grow. It is up to you how far we go.