Plan B Marketing

Plan B Marketing

Posted by: Liliana Grace
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We fix what others break. It started as a joke several years ago but somehow it stuck and it comes up often in our LGM meetings. We fix what others break.

What does plan B mean to us? The same thing it means to you.

Your plan A for growing the business didn’t work. Turns out your Human Resources Staff wasn’t trained in marketing, your Sales Director has never heard of SEO, the intern loves social media but can’t seem to get yours to work, and the super affordable marketing manager wasn’t as amazing as you hoped.

The most expensive thing you can do to your business is hire the wrong person to manage your marketing. Don’t cross your fingers and hope there is a return on your hard-earned dollars. Honestly, you have just as good a chance of winning the lottery.

Don’t play the marketing lottery. There is a magic to the madness, and a recipe for success in marketing. It isn’t something a textbook or YouTube video will teach. Combining psychology, human behavior, a comprehensive view of marketing, and understanding of how marketing options work (individually and in tandem), requires more than 20 minutes during your weekly staff meeting. It isn’t even something that can be accomplished in a strategy session with the department heads of your organization. It requires a specialized skill by someone who has done it. Someone who knows what works…and what doesn’t.

Here is a quick story. We had the opportunity to work with an amazing company. This organization couldn’t have been more on target with what their community needed at that time. They had done their market research, talked to the right people, organized a business plan and all signs would point to a smashing success! This was a multi-million-dollar investment that had all the signs of being successful. Interesting to note; however, was that the owners had dabbled in media from a distance over the years. They knew our track record so they reached out for us to create a full marketing campaign and leverage our relationships with the media and key partners in town. We went through the diagnostic process and put together an incredible plan of action with check points along the way. However, when it came time to pull the trigger they decided they could go their own way. They felt they had enough good will in town to get the same or better deals with the sales reps from the media they were working with. We made it look too easy. The plan was one they felt that they could piece out and figure out on their own internally. Instead of a professional agent, they wanted to have the upper management approve and handle marketing.

I went back to the office, talked with my team and regrettably told my team, “In 18 months they will call us. It will be painful for me to hear and painful for them to say. They will have less of a budget and ask us to work a miracle. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to, and in 2 years they will be closed.”

How could I be so heartless you ask? The reality is it was completely heart filled. I knew these people. They were good people. The best. But I also know marketing and have a firm grasp on business. In 18 months, they were desperate for cash, their media reps were all gone, and there were no more “favors” to be had. Because they had no budget to offer me, I couldn’t help. Within 2 years, they were gone.

We fix what others break. Have you worked with another agency or consultant and been promised a mansion and gotten a tent under the bridge? First, let me say I am sorry. Marketing is a beautiful, exciting and fun process when done right. Your business will grow if you create the right strategies. It requires proper upfront conversations, establishing goals, working together and giving it time to build. You tell us what success looks like for you, and we will deliver results. If we can’t, we will tell you before we begin. Throughout the entire process we monitor your results daily, weekly and monthly. You will be happy. We promise. Not sure? Talk about us behind our back with our clients. We are confident they love us. I know they would love to talk to you and I kinda want you to!