The Little Screen Strategy

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The Little Screen Strategy

Posted by: Liliana Grace
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Today it’s all about owning real estate on the little screen.

Do you carry your radio with you everywhere you go? Your TV? Your computer? Yes, actually, you do. Your smart phone is with you every moment of every day. The same is true for almost every potential client you connect with. That said, ask yourself some questions. How much real estate do you own on your client’s phone? Where are the majority of your ad dollars being spent? Are any being spent on the little screen?

Users are sharing data every time they use their smart phone, download apps, or go to a website. It’s no secret that with this information marketing has become a science. It is no secret to the consumer that you can have their data…or that you should. For that reason, consciously or unconsciously, it would appear consumers believe you should be able to find them. They expect the ads on their mobile device to be relevant, and you do, too. Ads are either 100% irrelevant and become white noise, or they are 100% relevant and they catch your attention.

We see this to be even stronger among millennials. While sitting in a meeting the other day, a very young woman walked in oblivious that we were having a meeting because her eyes were glued to her phone. She further interrupted us by passionately saying, “Oh my gosh, an ad for senior living? What do they think…that I am 80?!” She rolled her eyes and went on about how dumb this advertiser was. Notice, she was clearly annoyed. Not that there was an ad, but that it was irrelevant. This same woman never walks in a room and talks about all of the ads she likes or that she clicks on. Why? Because they are part of her little screen. Emphasis on her little screen.

My point? Two Things. First, Impressions. Second, relevant Impressions. Yes, impressions are the name of the game. However, relevant impressions are how you win the game. Meaning you win when those impressions are placed in front of the right people, at the right place, at the right time. Digital Media is what makes that possible. When Digital Media is done right you aren’t sending your message to the wrong people. You are sending your message to your potential customers. It must be done through a customized campaign and through a variety of strategies. Customization and daily monitoring are the keys for the effectiveness of Digital Marketing.
We know how to drive site traffic and online conversions. Our strategies and platforms cover 98% of the internet. It is possible to target the right user, at the right time, with the right message, across all devices that are connecting to your audience. Whether you want to launch a cutting-edge retargeting campaign or brand awareness campaign, we have the solution to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to find out how to get your message on the little screen.